Art Application

  • Ceramics including advanced hand building, advanced throwing, firing techniques and glaze work. 
  • Sculpture including spatial theory and placement, welding, metal fabrication, bronze casting, wax and plaster carving, and wood working.  
  • Metalsmith including soldering, stone setting and chain making techniques in precious and semi precious metals and stones as well as small scale metal casting.
  • Proficient in drawing and painting
  • Printmaking including linocut, intaglio, monotype, engraving and lithography techniques.
  • Computer arts using photoshop CS5 including digital photography color correction and design.
  • Both conventional and art sewing. 
  • Advanced knowledge of art history
  • Safety protocol for a ceramics studio
  • Studio Management and Inventory Control
  • Certificates held in floral design, color theory relating to 3D and 2D design.    



  • Desktop publishing: Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Web site management and design: Squarespace
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Microsoft Office Suite