I draw inspiration from the everyday, seemingly simple details of my life experiences as a mother, wife, and volunteer in the community. In my current art practice, Modicum Ceramics, I utilize my skills in design to produce modern housewares and figuritive sculpture. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated suma cum laude with special honors from the University of New Mexico, College of Fine Arts. At UNM, my main focus was in studio arts including ceramics, art history,  sculpture, printmaking, metalsmithing, mold making, bronze casting and digital photography. In addition to my formal art study, I have extensive experience working in art galleries. As both an artist, and an employee, I have polished my skills in art installation, organization and promotion, and have become very comfortable interacting with both clients and fellow artist. Most recently, I've spent countless hours volunteering in the community as an art classroom teacher, an Art Night committee member, a board member and mentor for Mother Tongue Project, and Board member on Wood Gormley Elementary School's Parent Teacher Club. Being involved in the community and nurturing the creative and intellectual processes of young people inspires not only my art but my passion for teaching. Pursuing art has inspired me to take risks, be inventive, and solve problems which I then strive to share with young people.  

For the past six years, in addition to volunteering in the community, I've run a studio and ceramics business. I have also collaborated with local artists and provided creative branding and design solutions for artists running small businesses here in Santa Fe.

It is my belief that both practicing and exploring art is vital to a well rounded education. Making art stimulates problem solving and critical thinking skills while building confidence that students can carry with them throughout life. In my academic studio, my students will always be encouraged to explore and take risks through informed and celebrated persistence.